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About US!

Jones Help & Empower mission is to create high performing group homes that will create great value;  Jones Help & Empower, provides services to churches and investors who have the desire to start their own Ministry or Group Home. To date, Jones Help & Empower, has successfully consulted and started 96 independent Group Homes and or Ministries since 2004. Jones Help & Empower, provides success for owners of transitional shelters as well as laying the foundation on "How It Works".  Jones Help & Empower, provides extensive support in the area of creating your EIN number, Articles of Incorporation, registering your ministry or Group Home with the Secretary of State, create logos and contracts for all  of your "in-house" forms.

We will inspire our people to invest themselves in building new lives, not just a resource, but an permanent asset for our community, neighborhoods, and cities.   

Why Open up a Group Home?

The demand for group homes is growing. Often, new group homes fill up as soon as they open. This trend is true for just about every type of group home.

On any given night, approximately 750,000 men, women, and children are homeless in the U.S.  Given the high demand, this is one of the few good businesses to start right now. 

People wanting to start their own group homes have so many barriers to overcome. First, there are many rules and regulations when starting a group home. It can all be so confusing. Do you register with the state or with your local government? Do you have to become certified? Is your home inspected? And, if so, who does this? It all seems so complicated and overwhelming. How do I get my EIN number ?

Besides you know that you must take good care of your residents. You just don't plunk them down in front of the TV. This leads to so many more questions ... Such as: What chores are suitable and how should you divide these up? What should you feed your residents? What skills training are best for your home? What do you do when you have an "incident" with a resident? How do you get referrals and how do you get paid? ... and so on. Like the legal issues, thinking about "day-to-day" issues can seem overwhelming, too.

One more thing. There is just not much information available on how to start a group home. What's available is expensive and incomplete. Even the expensive books and start up packets don't give you clear-cut procedures, they don't give you good advice and they don't tell you everything about running a 

group home. Because of all of these barriers, so many people dreaming all seems so hard and they can't get any good information. 

This doesn't have to happen to you. When you want your own group home, you can start with confidence and without anything stopping you.

Trust in Jones Help & Empower and we will show you how to start a group home from A to Z!

Recruitment Process

●On any given night, approximately 750,000 men, women, and children are homeless in the US.

●56% are living in shelters and transitional housing, while 44% are unsheltered

●59% are single adults and 41% are persons living in families

●98,452 are homeless families

●23% are chronically homeless according to HUD’s definition.  (Cunningham, Mary and Megan Henry.  Homelessness Counts.  Washington, DC:  National Alliance to End Homelessness.)

●Over the course of a year, 2.5 and 3.5 million people will live either on the streets or in a emergency shelter.  

At Jones Help & Empowerment we are affiliated with many placement agencies all across the Atlanta Metro Area.  Such agencies include detoxifications centers, local shelters, and community churches.  As a result, we are able to recruit and fill up your property consisting of 8 to 12 clients within 3 to 5 days.  At Jones Help & Empowerment we have a critical pre-screening process.  We do not accept sex offenders or anyone that has a history of heinous crimes.




At Jones Help & Empower we will show you how to cut out all food cost.  However, you will be responsible for providing food the first 14 days! 

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Program And Services

Programs And Services

We offer many programs that are beneficial to the whole community. Some of those programs include:

  • Group/Individual/Family Counseling
  • Bible Studies
  • Journaling
  • Social outings
  • Life skills training
  • Self-esteem Workshops
  • Job readiness/employ-ability skills
  • Weekly Support groups 
  • Community Outreach & Resource Fairs
  • Mens Wellness Program
  • Development of family decision-making skills, living skills (budgeting, spending, household care).

Employment Services

How it Works!

      “How it Works”

At Jones Help & Empower we have relations with employment agencies all across the Atanta metro area and around the country.  This is how we are able to employ your residence immediately.  Jobs as well as fundraisers are the biggest key factors. We also have worked staffing events for State Fairs, Rodeos, Nascars, Music Festivals, and so much more!  

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